Digital design


The moment I was acquired by IBM via our tiny software company, I became a .com journeyman. My first year or so was spent porting our website and products pages to IBM's taxonomy, redesigning and fitting our ways into theirs. I moved on to another acquisition our of Boston, Netezza, wash/rinse/repeat, with their digital assets.

After that, I took up more permanent roles applying my skills in the Digital UI/UX  practice to optimize

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Digital design and marketing

The Initiate Systems Years

Initiate was my first big opportunity to show what I could do. I was the the one-stop-shop for all things marketing -- print and digital.

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Blueworks Live

Blueworks Live is a SAAS process modeling tool, that needed a modernization of it's marketing appeal and optimization to increase trials of the product. I gutted the site, rebuilt it in a modern responsive design, cleaned up the number of actions to the page and focused on trial conversion.

The project also called for updating and refreshing the design of the trial registration pages, as well as trimming the required length of the form fields to optimize registrations.

Digital Publication

IFHIMA Global News

A small freelance project. IFHIMA produces a tri-yearly digital publication highlighting their work around the globe. Fifteen to twenty pages, project requires proficiency in good design and organization,   Adobe InDesign, as well as post production Acrobat finishes.