I've always been interested in the user.  I enjoy designing and testing to understand why the user interacts or behaves in a particular way, and how I can change and optimize design in such a way that the interaction is beneficial for both sides of the connection.

With my background in graphic design, and my experience in the various moving parts of digital marketing, I have developed a unique skillset. One that allows me to focus on the user's journey from the first connection to the last, redesigning and optimizing the journey's many stops.


Strategic Skills and experience

  • 10+ years digital marketing
  • End-to-end digital design
  • Multimedia and graphic design
  • Digital platforms
  • User journey mapping
  • Data analytics and insights
  • Creative direction
  • Social media marketing
  • Search marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Digital demand generation
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Content management
  • HTML/CSS Development
  • UX/UI

Recent Professional Experience

Digital & Multimedia Director Global Events
SDI International, Contracted to IBM | July 2017 > Present Day

Leverage my skills and expertise in digital marketing and the digital ecosystem to build, develop, launch and creatively direct digital creation for the IBM Events group focused on customer engagement. Lead, create and design Event specific communications, Social and digital media assets, site design and development. Design, architect and lead strategy for the user experience across new and emerging digital experiences for event attendees.

Senior Digital UI/UX and Digital Experience Designer
IBM, Analytics Business Unit | September 2016 > June 2017

Design, develop and build a user journey across IBM.com’s Analytics branch to educate and nurture users into a journey
that results in the best experience for users and Digital Marketing efforts.

  • Strategically build, design, develop and launch new or existing properties to intelligently create a user journey that ends
    in meaningful action by the user.
  • Ensure quality and consistency of the IBM Brand, as well as visually engaging architecture and design.
  • Manage connection points between digital strategists and IBM.com. Collaborate to develop optimized visual and architectural layouts to properly fit a step along the user journey.

Digital Marketing Strategist - IBM Cloud
IBM, Cloud Business Unit, January 2016 > September 2016

Design and develop digital campaign experiences that align with marketing campaigns

  • Design and manage build of digital properties on IBM.com using digital best practices for
    converting users to marketing leads.
  • Develop and build lead capture forms and data collection techniques to support the digital activity
    of marketing campaigns.

SAAS Acceleration Team - Digital UI/UX and Digital Experience Designer
IBM, Systems, SAAS Focus June 2015 > January 2016

SAAS specific role focused on rebuilding and refining the digital user journey for non-IBM.com SAAS
digital properties such as BlueworksLive.com and ServiceEngage.com.

Digital UI/UX and Digital Experience Designer
IBM, Systems, Middleware, 2010 > June 2015

Design and develop a user journey across IBM Digital Properties to educate and nurture users into a
journey that results in the best experience for users and Digital Marketing efforts.

  • Analyze and quantify existing Digital Marketing properties in an effort to optimize the user journey.
    Strategically build, design and develop new or existing properties to intelligently capture marketplace
  • Manage connection points between core IBM digital teams, analyzing and implementing greater
  • IBM Digital Marketing efforts and interpreting digital design to conform to the desired outcome.

Senior Multimedia Design Strategist
Initiate Systems, 2006 - 2010 (acquired by IBM)

Provide Digital Marketing and Design expertise across all formats for marketing efforts.

  • Design and develop physical marketing assets to drive marketing efforts. Physical assets include
    direct mailers, tradeshow booths, product information (datasheets), marketing knowledge (white
    papers), Solution information and Customer Success papers.
  • Design, develop and manage Digital Marketing properties to ensure brand consistency and user
    experience. Coordinate and design the various social and community platforms that can help drive
    awareness and engagement around and into core site. Manage Sharepoint implementation to
    ensure a stable and user friendly content management system.
  • Manage and design the user experience for email nurturing campaigns - frequency, re-engagement
    and cross-marketing

Related Experience and Proficiencies

Digital UI/UX and Digital Experience Designer, IBM
Senior Multimedia Design Strategist, Initiate Systems

Adobe Creative Suite:
Illutstrator - Wireframes, vector art creation and manipulation, infographics
Photoshop - Design mockups, drive to ads, photo manipulation, art creation
InDesign - Publication layout
Dreamweaver - HTML and CSS development


Kent State University, 2004
Bachelor of Science in Information Design